Just some of the services offered

Stone Work

Working with stone takes an eye and some talant that not many have. It's like putting a puzzle together that has no photo other than the vision of the client. Doug is a master craftsman in this art and you won't be disappointed.


The elements and time take their toll even on stone. If you've got a stone or concrete area that could use a little TLC, Doug can make it look new again.

Brick Facing

If you want a solid and lasting exterior on your building, brick facing is the way to go. Doug's experience in this area gives him the ability to get it done fast and right.

Structural or Decorative Concrete

Concrete is a medium that can be strong and structural as well as beautiful when worked by a master craftsman. Doug has a hand that can make concrete a work of art.

Patios, Fireplaces, etc.

Stonework, brick and mortar can add a touch of class and comfort to any space, inside or out. If you have an area that could use some class, contact Doug and together you can form a vision that suits the space.